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Why Choose Us

Established in 2015 we have gradually expanded base, both within India as well as overseas at key locations. Over the year we have assisted countless students to successfully migrate to Canada. Many of our clients have provided us with referrals and are still in contact with us due to our quality and professional service. Just walk into any of the offices to know the very firsthand experience!


We have trained our staff rigorously to guide overseas aspirants on every step of their journey.

Excellent Support

You can contact us from anywhere in the world, our office network is present all across India and Canada.

Highly Recommended

We are one of the most trusted immigration consultants due to our professional services and excellent support provided to our customers.

Professional Service

Admission to more than 150 universities and schools in various countries with 40K varied programs.

Skilled Professionals

The professionals in our team are highly qualified, knowledgeable and experts in their fields.

Academic Assessments

We use the most current standardized assessment materials to ensure relevant, reliable and valid results for future education planning.

Join us for a bright career

We are Educational Consultants who work to help students become successful lifelong learners by providing a variety of services, including academic assessments. When students enroll with us, they become our partner in success and partnership becomes for life time. We get new enrollments, mostly from our reference given by our satisfied students. That’s what we recognize as real success. We collaborate with students and their families to address concerns and create an individualized blueprint for future success. Let us partner with you to develop an academic, social or emotional profile of your child, so they may begin to become lifelong learners today.


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Like every other institutions ; recent pandemic has affected our schedules for seminar, session. But please stay tuned to us for the latest information on webinars, seminars and in-person video sessions.

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Happy Faces Says About Us

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McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
University of Waterloo, Ontario
Renison University College, Waterloo, Ontario
Western University, London, Ontario
University of Victoria, British Columbia
York University, Toronto, Ontario
Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario
University of Windsor, Ontario
University of Brunswick
Brock University St.Catharines, Ontario
University of Northern British Columbia, BC
University of Regina, Saskatchewan
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