Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all the colleges  and universities seek student’s IELTS score. All colleges and universities have their own IELTS score bench mark, which also differs from program to program. Some colleges have integrated 6 months English language program for students who doesn’t meet the IELTS criteria.

Canstar doesn’t charge students any fees for the consultation. Our services and consultation are free for students. We hold your hands throughout the process, applying and getting you admission into the program and college/University of your choice. However, if you hire Canstar for the post-landing services,
we will charge you nominal fees.

Sometime students might have programs decided themselves based on their research. If not, not a problem. Our professional consultants will help you in finding what best suits you based on the current market requirements of Canada.

Each country has its process times, however Canada takes about 3 to 4 week’s time if all the required documents are submitted at once.

Once you receive your confirmation letter from the college/university, you will apply for a visa in your country. However, our team will assist you in the visa application.

Yes, we accept flexible payments to help you.

This depends on the result/stream of your last course/ study, and the requirements for colleges/universities for the specific program.

Yes, you may apply for over one college/university. However, pay an application fee to each college/university. Which is approximately $100 to $200.

The application fee is refundable if you are not selected in the program of that specific college/university.

Yes, if the parents have their appropriate visa for the respective country. You can also call your parents to visit you while you are on study visa.

Yes, we provide post-landing services if you enroll yourself for our services. There will be a reasonable charge for the services. We will help you get settled in your initial days. We will also guide you through the process of getting residence, driving license, bank accounts, SIN number and bus passes.

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